Wireless Dish adaptor improves performance beyond belief

I love when a technology or technique comes by and suddenly makes the unusable old become almost new (and usable). Overclocking - the ability to increase the default clock speed of a processor - is one of them, and so is ADSL broadband which uses the plain old telephone system or POTS.

Hawking Technology did release such a goodie a few weeks ago. The HWU8DD is a high gain USB Wireless G Disk adaptor that uses the common dish technology to improve signals dramatically and tests have showed that it dramatically boosts up weak signals. It draws power from a USB port and is very much autonomous.

There's even a LED indicator to tell you where to point to get the best signals. On top of that there's a directional antenna and compatibility with security protocols such as WEP, WPA and WPA2. You should get gains of up to +20db which is well above what common antennas bring to you. Suddenly a wireless and cablefree office looks a lot more viable to me thanks to such a nifty and cheap (£50) technology.