Dual channel encryption tape backup - now that's secure

DISUK dual channel encryption

Popped into the Infosecurity Europe show over at Olympia earlier this week and met up with the guys from Disuk, who have developed a twin channel encrypted tape back-up system.

Known, appropriately enough, as Paranoia, the tape back-up system encrypts data using DES or Triple DES before saving to tape.

But there's a twist. Before the data is encrypted, it's split into two interlaced data channels and each channel is encrypted using separate keys, before the signal is re-combined and saved to tape.

So what does this do to the encryption? According to Rob Gretton, the company's sales director, it pushes the encryption security to new levels.

And I think he's right. It's been suspected that a number of government agencies have processing power available to them that can crack Triple DES in a few hours using sheer grunt power.

With a twin channel Triple DES system, the grunt power required is pushed to a new order of magnitude. I doubt even the NSA has its grubby paws on such technology - yet.

Now into its second iteration, the Paranoia 2 tape drive system is claimed to be unique in the marketplace, something I'm inclined to agree with - interesting stuff...