Open source, the main beneficiary in China's ban of naked PCs

The Chinese government is to ban the sale of naked computers - which are basically computers without pre-installed software.

Rumors have it that Communist China is apparently upping up the ante against piracy to please Bill Gates; the fact that the first dinner of China's President in the US will take place at Bill Gates' place rather than at the white house, shows clearly where power lies.

But as in all good stories, this plan may actually backfire as computer vendors decide to bundle open source applications rather than Windows based ones; for less than a dollar and this will eventually create the momentum needed to get the Linux ball rolling - more compatible hardware will get more companies developing and .

I am almost certain that Microsoft will release a dedicated, lite version of Windows Vista, specially aimed at the Chinese market, to increase the market penetration of Windows operating system and at the same time fight off piracy. Don't rule out as well lite versions of Microsoft Works as well to go with it.

Even in UK, at least one manufacturer - - is offering open source as default, with Windows operating system as the option. If the fight against piracy escalates, open source might emerge as the unlikely winner.