Chicago cabbie beats card fraudster

I was amused to read over the weekend that a cabbie from Chicago had nabbed a credit card fraudster by the simple expedient of driving him to the nearest copshop!

Apparently the cabbie - who hasn't been named - was flagged down by a passenger and asked to drive a fair distance to a doctor's office.

When they reached the doctor's office, the passenger asked to pay by plastic, but instead of reaching for a card, he reached for his cellphone and read off a number.

Although the transaction authorisation went through, the cabbie told the punter he wasn't happy and wanted an alternative form of payment, which the passenger said he didn't have.

After some discussion, they trooped off to the nearest copshop to verify the card number was the passenger's. Incredibly, the passenger didn't kick up a fuss and waited patiently in the cab whilst the cabbie spoke to the cops.

Turned out the card had a fraud alert against it and that the address of the `cardholder' was different to that on file. Police arrested the guy and charged him with credit card fraud.

Oh and the passenger? He never did make his doctor's appointment, as he ended up being locked up...