Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 – Microsoft’s catching up on Firefox et al

Love it or loathe it, Microsoft’s latest browser release, Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2, is set to reduce the gap that stands between itself and other browsers like Firefox and Opera. Although, it by no means pretends to be perfect, from what I've seen, it is a much improved browser.

Internet Explorer feels slicker and offers a cleaner interface than its previous 6.0 version. To say that the IE team at Microsoft got their inspiration from Firefox is certainly an understatement. IE7 Beta 2 has the look and the feel of Firefox.

It is more secure, offers tabbed browsing and a simple to use RSS reader. Being an Opera and Maxthon user, it was quite easy to get the grips with it and everything did fall in place. The Zoom button on the lower right and the enhanced favourites centre are two welcomed improvements.

More importantly though for me is the fact that IE7 Beta 2 does not seem to consume more memory and processor resources than Firefox. Sure, a dozen opened pages consume around 120MB of memory but the CPU usage is low, meaning that your overall experience is still enjoyable. No more freezing or hourglass.

You can try the Beta 2 version by downloading it straight from Microsoft’s website.