European Commission getting serious about Open Source

A study on the impact on European public bodies when they open source their software is to be carried out by the European Commission. According to eGovernment news, who broke the news, the commission wants to know what would happen if governments and public organisations were to open source their custom made software/applications.

The website called will provide surveys and online discussions to gather information on what is being done - in terms of Open Source - all over the European Union in public administrations. The site, entirely built using OSS tools, is gradually building a list of case studies to illustrate the successful use of open source.

The other objectives of the PSOSS (Public Software Open Source Software) study includes

(a) listing the conditions under which software fully owned by public organisations can be made available using an OSS License

(b) doing a SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat) analysis of the former (c) highlighting the options and recommendations for actions that could be taken

Three entities have been earmarked to carry out that study and the results will be presented on the 28th November 2006 during an international workshop to be held in Brussels, Belgium.