The Google Fear : Part one

Yahoo, Microsoft, Ebay and Amazon all fear Google. I chose deliberately not to use the word "respect". The respected Wall Street Journal had the scoop that Microsoft was toying with the idea of either buying a substantial chunk of or either selling or rather giving away its money losing MSN department to them.

There is no smoke without fire and the WSJ is a reliable source of information plus, it makes sense. Microsoft has spent and is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to catch up - let alone surpass Google.

The recent acquisition of Writely by Google points in that direction. For The Inquirer's writer Charlie Demerjian, Microsoft will lose to Google whatever the outcome, simply because people do not trust Microsoft anymore.

Trust and recognition are two fundamental factors to climb all the way to the top of the Internet world. You can buy trust. Google, as a brand, emerged as a global player without investing massively in marketing, advertising and PR, all of which create an artificial sense of trust.

Rather, Google relied on word of mouth, by far the most effective and long lasting way to "Win Friends and Influence People" - as Dale Carnegie would say.

The second part of this blog will be published on Monday.