A poacher or gamekeeper - which is more satisfying?

Interesting to hear Frank Abignale, a serial impersonator and fraudulent cheque casher, who inspired the film, Catch Me If You Can, being interviewed on Radio 4's Today program this morning.

Abignale, who was under-age when he perpetrated many of his crimes against PanAm, took social engineering to new heights in the 60s and 70s when he impersonated a pilot many times, committed his crimes in the pre-IT age, using a combination of lateral thinking and good old basic cheque fraud technology.

Interviewed on R4 this morning, he was asked whether he found it more fun committing the crimes - and outwitting the fraud investigators within PanAm and the FBI - or turning poacher turned gamekeeper.

Unusually for someone in his category, he was quite honest, and said there wasn't much in it either way...