The Google Fear : Part two

Some say that Microsoft has used unfair business practices on smaller players such as Stac, Digital Research, Netscape, Real, Lotus, Corel, Quarterdesk, Borland, Novell, BeOS whilst Google went head to head with much larger players from the start. Clearly, Google has benefited and is still benefiting from the "Good guys" halo; something that Microsoft is craving for.

Microsoft investors have sensed the urgency of getting the Redmond giant’s strategy re-invented. Microsoft's share of the web search market has fallen sharply over the past year and MSN is currently in the red. Buying into Yahoo makes sense.

Microsoft is not the only one feeling the heat of Google's growth. Two of Internet's largest, Ebay and Amazon have also begun to think about their relationships and how they stand vis-a-vis Google.

Ebay has been in talks with both Yahoo and Microsoft to find out which of the two might be the best ally to defend against threats from Google while Amazon fired Google as the underlying technology of Amazon's A9 search engine. Amazon will be using Microsoft's Windows Live search technology instead.

In a rather incredible turn of fate, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo and Ebay – four of the biggest internet companies may have to consider joining forces to overcome their mightiest foe ever.