Founder of GNU warns about commercial motives behind software development

Richard Stallman, the founder of the GNU - Gnu's not Unix - project, was interviewed a few days ago by Jennifer LeClaire for Linux Insider.

The black-bearded computer legend warned readers once again about the dangers of having operating systems developed for commercial or technical motives.

Stallman’s insightful interview helped to clear up some grey areas that might have existed including how GP: 3.0 deals with patents, Digital Rights Management and other public licenses like Apache's and Eclipse.

Around 150,000 people are expected to voice their opinions on GPL 3.0, which hint at the importance of this document in the world of free software.

The answers that he gave to the interviewer were quite powerful indeed and when he says that he did not design the GNU General Public License as an Open Source license, it is worth penning it down and sticking it on a post-it.