Novell to launch Open Source'd Bandit and SUSE LED

During the past few years, Novell has acquired a number of open source companies in a bid to become a major player in the OSS market. Back in 1993, they purchased the Unix System Laboratories which gave them rights to the Unix operating system and a decade later, Novell brought Ximian and SUSE onboard.

In the next few weeks, Novell is going to launch Bandit, a project aimed at fostering the development of components that ‘help define and move common digital identities around the computing world’. The official FAQ mentions their main focus as ‘defining a common identity framework, providing authentification and credential caching etc.’

To my uneducated eyes, it looks a lot like Microsoft's Passport/Infocard service which allows you to carry your identity when hopping from one application to another. Bandit is based on Higgins, which we wrote extensively about in early March.

Novell also plans to release SUSE Linux Entreprise Desktop 10 in July which will be an all-inclusive desktop environment based on the XGL framework which brings browsing and the office working experience to an altogether different level. SUSE LED aims the WOE (Windows, Office, Explorer) trio, which still brings the bulk of Microsoft's revenue. SUSE LED will be positioned as a similar yet much less expensive alternative.

Videos of True transparency, spinning cube desktops and life-like zooming are available on XGL's dedicated website and there's already one Linux distribution, Kororaa, which uses XGL