Home PC users fear loss of their data but do nuffink

A new survey by encryption meisters Steganos found that 64 per cent of Brits would worry more about the privacy of their personal data than the cost of the hardware if their computer was stolen, but that only 12 per cent use encryption to ensure their data is protected even if their computer falls into the wrong hands.

Survey participants were asked what data from their hard disk they would be most worried about appearing on the Net: 27 per cent said digital photographs, 27 per cent said personal emails, 19 per cent were worried about their personal documents and just 16 per cent said they had nothing on their hard drive that would bother them.

Things that people said they would be embarrassed about being made public include: emails to girlfriend, arguments with boyfriend, photos of drunken nights out with friends, business data, badly written poems (`the people I write about would be offended'), journals, adult browsing history, wills, and family tree research.

Adult browsing history? You mean porn?

Now we're getting somewhere - Ed.

Actually we're not, as Steganos carefully skates around the porn issue by only mentioning it once, and even then as `adult browsing history.'

Shame - and I was just getting interested...