US bot hacker jailed for five years

Only in America. Apparently a US hacker has been jailed for almost five years for hijacking around 400,000 computers, including military servers, and infecting them with malicious software.

This is, I believe, the longest sentence handed down to a hacker in the US - or anywhere else for that matter.

In the first case of its kind, US federal judge Gary Klausner in Los Angeles sentenced `botmaster' Jeanson Ancheta, aged 20, to 57 months in jail for taking control of an array of computers he had linked together in an informal botnet.

Ancheta reportedly pleaded guilty to infecting thousands of Internet-connected computers and turned them into bots that were then used to launch destructive attacks on servers or send huge quantities of spam to Net users.

"Your worst enemy is your own intellectual arrogance," the judge told Ancheta.

I wonder what kind of penalty the poor s*d would have got if he hadn't pleaded guilty? Guantanamo Bay or the death penalty maybe...