BBC gets its experts mixed up

I laughed my cobblers off this morning when reading about a case of mistaken identity last week over an Apple Computer news item.

Apparently my old mate Guy Kewney, who helped recruit yours truly into the world of IT journalism in the 1980s (fx: thankyou kind sir) was due to be wheeled out on the Beeb as an expert on the Apple Computer vs Apple Corps/Beatles record label lawsuit.

Unfortunately, the Nordic-looking Mr Kewney didn't appear on screen, but a nice London cabbie - of African origin - did and the resulting interview was a right old farce.

According to the Daily Mail, the confusion appears to have been when Guy's name was called in reception, and the cabbie answered, as he'd been asked to pick Guy up after his interview!

You can read about the interview and Guy's experience here and see the interview - which I thoroughly recommend - here.

The cause of the mistaken identity? Apparently the security badge the cabbie was wearing was the wrong one, which just goes to show that human error can cause some right old cock-ups...