U/Torpark : the safest way to browse the web

Like the German U-Boat during the second world war, U-Torpark is a way to navigate stealthily in the troubled waters of the world wide web.

TorPark is a 5.6MB self extractable package that you can shove in your PDA/MP3 player or flash drive, as long as it is connected to your computer. TorPark is made up of two technologies. On one hand you have portable Firefox and on the other, the Onion router.

The Onion Routing program is a mesh of projects aiming at building and maintaining anonymous communication systems. You can read more about it on their website.

Since Onion Routing effectively redirects you to their networks and encrypts your communication in the same process, the browsing experience will not be the same as during an unprotected one. But when you live in countries like China or Iran where the liberty of browsing is stifled, anonymous surfing is life-saving and speed comes second.

You will occasionally encounter delays and even time-outs, even more so if the Onion Router network is under strain due to too much traffic. However, if you can live with these limitations, then, why not use it. Surprisingly, there is no Linux version.