Go legal : Get Open Office 2.0

One cannot fail to notice that Microsoft has tightened the screws on software piracy. From the Windows Genuine Advantage download to the pop-ups that ‘encourage’ people to go legal, the Vole, as it is known, has unwittingly provide the open source community with an unexpected marketing tool.

Straight on the Openoffice.org website, you can view their new catchphrase. Get Legal, Get Openoffice.org. In doing so, Open Office and the rest of the Open Source community promote their own agenda while appearing to side by Microsoft; that's cunning.

I doubt that many businesses use pirated versions of Microsoft Office software simply because the risks involved are much too important for a business, especially when there are financial schemes like leasing which dampen the weight of the initial investment.

However, for individuals and micro businesses, it might be better to have a look at Open Office.org, especially with the growing support and its unbeatable cost.