US man jailed for spying on the boss

Kenneth Kwak, a 34-year-old systems auditor in the US Department of Education, has been jailed for five months for using spyware against his manager in Chantilly, Virginia.

Kwak was charged with gaining unauthorised access to government computers. Not only did he use spyware to peek at his boss's email, but he then shared that info with fellow employees.

What a wally - Ed

Commenting on the case, Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant with Sophos (for it is he - doffs cap in respect), said that the US Government has adopted a zero tolerance policy regarding intrusions into its computer systems.

"A clear message is being sent out to its staff that hacks like this are not just unacceptable but also criminal," he said, adding that all organisations should put measures in place to reduce the risks - not only of external attack by malware and internet hackers, but also of the threats which may exist on their payroll.

As well as being banged up for five months, Kwak will have five months of electronically monitored home confinement to contend with on his release. He's also going to be on probation for three years.

Oh, and he's got to pay $40,000 compo to the US government...