Blue Secure Throws in the Towel

By forcing Blue Security to shut down its proactive anti-spamming operation, the criminal underground of the internet has won a significant victory.

The Register reports a campaign of intimidation against the company, swiftly followed by a sophisticated denial of service attack against Blue Security's website. According to Blue Security, a renegade Russian language speaking spammer known as PharmaMaster succeeded in bribing a top-tier ISP's staff member into black holing Blue Security's former IP address ( at internet backbone routers. This rendered Blue's main website inaccessible outside Israel.

Following its attempts to resolve the problem with service providers and partners this month, BlueSecure has arrived at the conclusion that the risk of further attacks remains too great. Despite moving hosting providers and implementing security defences, The company believes it is unable to safely reintroduce its controversial service, which systematically floods the websites of spammers with opt-out messages. without exposing other members of the net community to potential attack.