Track your stolen mobile - for eight dollars

Micro Technologies, a Mumbai, India-based firm, has come up with an interesting smartphone application that, in the event the mobile gets nicked, can locate the mobile on the Indian networks, even if the SIM card has been changed.

For just $8, Indian GSM users can download the Lost Mobile Tracking software from to their handset, with most high-end Nokia, and a couple of Pansonics plus a couple of Samsung mobiles being supported.

Even more interesting is the fact that the software will email and text message you with details of a new SIM card if the thief inserts one into the mobile.

This allows you to phone the thief and tell him you know what he's done and where he's located.

This will, says the company, encourage the thief to return the handset - yeah, right -Ed- as well as give him/her a big shock.

Okay, you're probably not going to get your handset back, but there is the personal satisfaction in knowing you've probably frightened the cobblers off the thief that nicked your mobile...