The Code Breakers - Open source success stories from around the world

A documentary about how poor countries use free open source software as a means of propagating information technology. The Code Breakers is a two part programme produced by BBC World and the last part will be aired on Monday the 22nd.

The documentary will be made available copyright-free for broadcast around the world, meaning that you will probably find it in legaltorrents or publictorrents directories very soon.

The film producers visited several developing countries over the world and presented case studies of successful FOSS projects ranging from internet access in Africa to Tortoise tracking in the Galapagos, networking villages in rural Spain and post Tsunami management in Sri Lanka.

There's even a nice quote in the series from Microsoft's John Murray who says "Open Source community stimulates innovation in software, it's something that frankly we feel very good about and it's something that we absolutely see as being a partnership with Microsoft."

Never thought I'd live to read that.