Work Wise push for Teleworking to get backing from CBI

The CBI, UK's leading business organisation with an estimated 240,000 member businesses, has vowed to encourage smarter working practices - which includes flexible working, mobile working, remote working and working from home.

This comes as UK celebrated the first ‘National Work from Home’ Day on Monday the 5th. Teleworking as a whole is getting more steam as reported in this blog, earlier this year. More than 2 million people get their jobs to run around their lives and not vice-versa.

The smaller the company, the easier it tends to be. The figures speak for themselves - the average UK commuter faces 47 working days per year, 8 hours a week and 2906 miles a year commuting, spending between £1152 and £2880 annually.

Smarter working is good not only for the individual's pocket but also for corporates and the environment. The RAC foundation estimates that if smarter working can cut commuter traffic by 10%, the UK economy can save up to £10 billion over five years.

CBI Director-General, Sir Digby Jones, pledged support for Work Wise UK - a three year campaign aimed at establishing flexi-working as the way forward - saying that working 9 to 5, five days a week is an anachronism in an increasingly competitive global market.

Work Wise UK is organised by not-for-profit organisation, IT Forum Foundation, this campaign is also backed by TUC, Scope, BT and the British Chambers of Commerce.