Damned if You Do- Fired if You Don't

Silicon.com reports the disturbing news that “IT and security professionals who make network monitoring tools publicly available or disclose details of unpatched vulnerabilities could be convicted under a proposed to the UK’s Computer Misuse Act (CMA).

The Police and Justice Bill will update the UK's existing Computer Misuse Act (CMA), bringing in new powers to address the rise of organised cyber-criminals and offences such as denial of service attacks. It was passed by the House of Commons earlier this month, and will be considered by the House of Lords over the summer.

Leading figures in the UK technology sector believe that the bill, as it currently stands, would outlaw a range of innocent activities.

The Home Office denies suggestions the bill will criminalise systems administrators by outlawing software which could be used in cyber crime attacks.

A Home Office spokeswoman said: "There is a hacking amendment but it doesn't criminalise those innocent of hacking attacks. [It] shifts the emphasis on to those intending to deliberately develop tools for criminal use."