The Cheapest Dual CPU PC runs on Linux

The GP2X might be sold as a hand held gaming console but its diminutive format hides an impressive list of features and a shell which looks like the old Sega Game Gear without the four buttons.

It features two Dual CPUs each running at 200MHz, 64MB RAM and 64MB ROM which can be expanded using the onboard SD memory slot - allowing it to be upgraded to 2GB for around £30.

Because it is based on a full version of Linux, it can run thousands of free applications from Mozilla to Openoffice, although realistically it might be constrained by memory and hardware limitations. GP2X also allows you to install emulators and play your old favourites from platforms like NeoGeo, Dreamcast or the SuperNintendo.

It supports AVI film format, DiVX, as well as OGG and MP3. It is WiFi compatible and is even firmware upgradeable - meaning that you can upgrade to it simply by downloading and installing a small piece of software.

It even has TV out (with a resolution of 720x480 pixels) and comes with a USB 2.0 port too. Other notable points include the ability to run on two AA batteries and a gorgeous 3.2inch QVGA (320x240 pixels) LCD screen.

It is not perfect though since it has no inbuilt keyboard. However, gaming, not typing, is its primary market. Plus you can plug in a keyboard and a mouse (USB of course). While other Linux PDAs have failed to grab a slice of the hand held computer market, I can only wish good luck to the GP2X.