First music warez dudez sentenced in the US

The US Department of Justice has announced the first successful convictions against three men accused of offering pirate music for download (music warez) on the Internet.

The case - thought to the first in the US involving music warez - has resulted in prison and/or home confinement for the men concerned.

George Hayes, aged 31, of Dayesville, Virginia, who pleaded guilty, has been given 15 months in clink, whilst Derek Borchardt, aged 22, of Charlotte, North Carolina, has been given six months home confinement.

A third man, Aaron Jones, aged 30, of Hillsboro, Oregon, has been given six months in jail, followed by six months home confinement.

What's interesting about the cases is that the three men were alleged to have arranged the download of pre-release music on the Net - that is, before the CDs were released by the companies concerned.

The cases are likely to be followed by others, as they are the first to be brought by Operation FastLink, an ongoing FBI investigation against the illegal distribution of copyrighted movies, software, games and music on the Net...