Botnets used to generate Google adword dosh

I was amused to read that the SANS Institute has uncovered evidence that bots are being used to harness the power of thousands of PCs, which are then used to repeatedly click on adwords on Google.

According to the IT security institute, pay-per-click schemes such as Google Adsense now have programs to detect fraudulent clicks and suspend publishers implicated in so-called click fraud.

And in an effort to disguise bogus visits, these publishers have begun hiring botnets to slip under the radar.

The botnets are not widespread, says SANS, as the networks can only harness a few hundred PCs to click on the Web links, otherwise things get a bit too obvious.

The trend came to light after the institute investigated some malware which was hosted on a hacker's Web site and found programs capable of being customised for botnet Web click storms.

What I find amusing is that Google - one of the most opaque portals when it comes to explaining about how its ad program actually works - has been hit by these types of attacks.

You think Google is altruistic? Wake up and smell the coffee...