Can a widescreen iPod be Apple's saviour?

The good thing with lawsuits is that it gives journalists and bloggers something to write about. Take for example the latest celebrity suit to hit the headlines. Creative Labs is suing Apple over the media player interface, nine month after winning a patent that gave it the rights to the interface for a digital patent player.

The description of patent 6,928,433 effectively is how folder-based MP3 players work. All of them without exception. Even my MP3 enabled PDA, a Toshiba E400 uses that method. In a nutshell, the patent, ironically called Zen patent, after the name of Creative Labs line of MP3 player, actually describes how you would navigate in folders to find a file, if you did not have a two window panes like Windows Explorer.

The lawsuit comes as Apple holds a Microsoft-like monopoly on the portable digital music player market with around 80 percent, much to the chagrin of the ex Sound King, Creative Labs.

What this means to the rest of us; well, I strongly envisage that Apple's designers will work on a new intuitive navigation system that will make use of two window navigation on one screen, meaning that a landscape iPod with a larger screen, possibly a touch screen one with a see-through wheel, might be amongst the various options considered.


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