Crazy Owl hacks network printers

Reports are circulating about a new type of malware that attempts to send pictures of an owl to networked printers.

Hey, don't ask me why it does this, it just does - okay? -Ed

Named, appropriately enough, as` Crazy Owl,' the malware also prints out the phrase `O RLY' on the computer screen of affected systems.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant with Sophos (for it is he -Ed) said that the malware isn't the work of a professional virus writer.

"Most malware authors these days encrypt their executables with packers in an attempt to make them harder to detect - this one does not. It's also written in Visual Basic, which is unusual for a virus today," he said.

According to Graham, the smoking gun is that the worm has hard-coded within it the specific network paths to almost 40 different printers.

"It appears this malware was written for a specific organisation, by someone who had inside knowledge of their IT infrastructure."

"Why the author should want to print out pictures of this owl, of course, anybody's guess," he added...


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