Hide your pirated wares and your nasty pictures, here comes the prude trojan

The new Trojan/Erazor-A deletes files and that's nothing new, dozens of other viruses and malware actually wiped files and complete computers, not to forget messing with your computer hardware.

No one knows who wrote this trojan and more importantly why. What it does to your computer might point to the motives though. Erazor-A deletes porn, warez and music in P2P directories. So users of Emule, Shareaza, Kazaalite and other P2P applications beware.

Members of Slashdot reckon that it might either be a Sony-like trick to get people to stop pirating films and stand on the right side of the law. In this case, the number of potential culprits would be relatively high.

Others say that it is too obvious and those bent on conspiracies put forward the scenario of an anti-copyright coder who wants to put the blame on the RIAA and the MPAA, two of the biggest US enforcers of copyright.

However, as one Slashdot reader points out, it might be beneficial in the long term as it might force some people to finally take security more seriously as they lose their precious files.


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