Watching movies on the go; The Open source way (part 1)

Being able to watch television on the move was one of the compelling technological challenges that I've set myself.

Why watch motion pictures on the move? I've got fed up with listening to numerous Podcasts or to my favorite MP3 songs. Furthermore, reading Metro newspaper in the tube at peak hours is becoming more and more arduous.

Rather than staring at my shoes or at the carriage's windows, I figured out that it was better for me just to watch a movie or a documentary. My return journey is only 90 minutes, so enough for some news and/or one movie.

I purchased a second hand PDA to start my project. The Toshiba e400 was the chosen one mainly because (a) it is cheap and (b) it is slim.

A few other features that won me over include the availability of Windows Mobile 2003 compatible software, Secure Digital (SD) Card compatibility and the fact that you can plug in a traditional 3.5mm earphone.

Next, I grabbed a 512MB SD card which will be updated to a 1GB model from Peak. At £18, it is a rock-bottom deal. Large capacity cards are essential if you want to have your MP3 and video as well as other files.

The e400 PDA and Windows Mobile 2003 are versatile enough to allow a wide range of applications. However the Windows Media Player just didn’t work for me.