Google's killer app - Notepad

Notepad is Google's killer app for me, even more than its Calendar that I became hooked on a few weeks ago. Notepad has displaced calendar as my favourite Google tool.

The installation takes around 160K of space and it is compatible with Internet Explorer 7.0, 6.0 and Firefox although not with Opera and Maxthon. Trying it in Maxthon yields a 404 error.

What it does is pretty simple. It acts like a simple to use bookmark that can be shared with everyone on the internet. Reminds you of Well, it is slightly more than that as it allows you to add section headings and add more details.

There are basically two ways for you to create a note. You can highlight a text, right click on it and select 'note this' or alternatively, right click anywhere on a page and select 'note this'.

Once you’ve done it, you can review all the notes you have collected, organise them online and choose whether you want them to be made public or not. The 'search notebooks' feature will be enabled soon according to Google.

Notebook does not go as far as allowing API's for example to exploit the Notebook function but that shouldn't take long. Compatibility with Maxthon and Opera is what bothers me most.

I would also like to get a Maxthon's collector-like addition to Google's notepad.