Can Pr0n show the way?

Rumours have it that Porn and other adult content is what made the internet so popular and are where the real money goes.

After all, is the most expensive domain name and adult websites have been pioneers in many ways: pay per view, DVD, online purchases etc.

A trend that got noticed by Associated Press is the fact that the porn industry is embracing download-to-burn technology. Piracy issues still remain even if the porn industry as a whole is generally positive about the move. Bypassing the middleman will certainly help bottom line and improve profits.

Vivid and other studios have come up with a viable alternative to the Content Scrambling System (CSS) anti-piracy solution that has been long hacked. Cinemanowhas been chosen as the partner for delivering the content.

However, one has to think about the purpose of burning downloaded content to a DVD. I understand that it will be useful for archiving or back up purposes. I reckon it will make more sense if people connect their computer to their television set and play the film rather than burning a DVD and then save it later.