Vietnamese mobile phone hacker fined

I was intrigued to read that a man from Hanoi, Vietnam, has been fined 15 million dong (a rising currency -Ed) for hacking into the MobiFone mobile network and stealing six `lucky' phone numbers.

From what I can see, the numbers are what UK cellcos would call `golden' in that they are easily remembered.

What I don't understand is what, even though Nguyen Van Nhuan, who previously worked as a MobiFone sales agent, had access to passwords which allowed him access to the cellco's computer system and could access the numbers, actually got out of it all.

Having said that, I know the Vietnamese people - as do a lot of people in the Far East - place great store in having a lucky number, so maybe that was the reason why he hacked into the cellco's system.

According to the Thai telecoms ministry, the lucky numbers were: 0902000000, 0905522222, 0905588888, 0905599999, 0905688888, and 090559999.

The fine is the equivalent of around 500 British quidlets, which is a fair amount of dosh in Vietnam...