Nationwide Building Society - crap card system programming

I ordered a Freeview PVR at a ludicrously cheap price from Morgan Computers earlier this week, charging it to my Nationwide BS Visa credit card.

Unfortunately the card transaction was declined - which I found odd, so being the sad old git I am, I contacted the Nationwide to see what had happened.

The transaction failed because the wrong card expiry date was quoted on the e-tailer transaction form. Except that it was the right expiry date, and the Nationwide call centre person agreed.

"This does happen," she says.

Apparently the problem is caused by a programming issue on the Nationwide computer system.

A crud bit of programming in other words.

So why do I use Nationwide?

Because despite their being a parochial institution with a crap IT system that refuses card transactions seemingly at random (I'm not alone in being aware of this, it seems), the Cash Reward Visa card account is a good deal.

So good in fact that the Nationwide has withdrawn the account for new customers...