Showdown of the betas : OpenLinux and Vista compared

Desktop Linux compared Microsoft's latest beta version of its operating system, Vista, to OpenSUSE 10.1, the latest version of SUSE Linux.

Some might argue that the comparison is bound to be slightly biased but even by throwing your blinkers, it is easy to see that Vista is still WIP or Work in Progress.

Vista's user experience is marred with bugs and hiccups. It is not compatible with more than a few Wi-Fi devices, the Aero interface, hailed as the best thing since sliced bread, is painfully slow, and security has been rumoured to be one of the hottest problem spots.

OpenSUSE in comparison had much less troubles as compared to Vista and more importantly, it costs much less. It feels quicker thanks to the XGL Graphics, doesn't require the latest graphics, comes with all the software you will need and is currently more secure. This of course may all change by the time that Vista is finally released.