Firefox now uses Google technology - What's next?

Firefox 2.0 alpha 3, which will eventually become the fully fledged Firefox 2.0, now comes with Google Anti-phishing tools built-in.

Personally, the only time I used Google's AP tools was with Gmail. Unfortunately the result was inconclusive as Phishing emails threatening me with the closure of non-existent accounts still came pouring in.

The important stuff is that Google technology is built-in the browser, paving the way for even more integration in the next few months between Firefox and Google.

Possible routes include matching Mozilla's mail client, Thunderbird, with Google's Gmail and Seamonkey's web editing capabilities with Googlepages.

It will be interesting to see how far Google and the Mozilla foundation go in their cooperation. Google already employs a few Mozilla coders and Google the default home page for Firefox. The first beta of Firefox 2.0 is coming out in one month.