Grab fantastic deals on Ebay using Goofbay tools

Goofbay is the latest of online services that are offering to pull out bargains from Ebay. The largest auction site is a strange world indeed where bargains are often not found where you would expect them to be.

Miss-spelled words, uncategorised products, words not in the title and badly written titles can often pick out fantastic gems. It is therefore not surprising that several software and websites have cropped up to make good use of this knowledge.

What separates Goodbay from others though is the extensive range of Ebay tools that the site offers as well as the advanced search functions. Goofbay even offers a toolbar for those who want to use it extensively.

Goofbay goes further by offering unique features like the ability to check negative and private feedbacks and number of watchers as well as auction bidders.

The toolbar is available as an Internet Explorer download, a Mozilla Firefox download and even as a Mac Widget.


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