Blogs, Communities and The Web : Peddling one's privacy for free.

Typing a person's name in Google is now a favourite past time of many recruitment agencies or employers conducting background research on prospective employees.

In an era where the boundaries of the individual and his privacy are shrinking ever more, technologies are now available for people who want to shed what little remains of their private life. Webcams, Blogs, Camcorders and CCTV record and archive what we do, what we think and where we are for most hours of the day.

While people complain about hackers, phishing and scamming (which effectively make use of stolen or illegally obtained personal information to steal the identity of individuals), a worrying number of people give their own personal details out for free. When you look at Flickr, Myspace, MSNspace or personal blogs, you will find a frightening amount of photos, descriptions and details that people have voluntarily uploaded.