Experience Broadband... the Mauritian way

Coming back home is a wonderful experience, especially when your ‘home’ is in Mauritius, around 7000 miles from London.

I came to Mauritius hoping to be able to enjoy broadband as one of the 10,000 ADSL subscribers of the island. Mauritius has actually the highest number of Internet users per thousand inhabitants in Africa.

Here however, broadband is used in the broadest of senses. For around £17+VAT per month, you get a 128Kbps whose actual speed rivals that of a quick 56Kbps.

If networking had a God, the internet experience that I am currently enduring would probably be his wrath after the cursed e7even, bulldog broadband and so many others we experienced for so long.

However, all is not lost. I am planning to investigate the WiMax technology that the Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Ltd and Network Plus are currently selling over the country.