Sun Microsystems paves the way for Ubuntu Linux distro

African-based UBuntu has come a long way from being a little known Linux distribution to one of the most powerful and recognised brands in the open source world, all in a few years.

Now Sun Microsystems and Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu have announced that the next version of Ubuntu will be able to run on the UltraSPARC T1 processor.

It is actually quite an amazing feat for such a new distribution to be recognised by an industry giant such as Sun Microsystems and it generally serves as a good indication of the industry's perception of Ubuntu.

The T1 is powered by a multi-core, multi-threaded technology and is one of the most powerful servers on the market.

Ubuntu was able to accelerate the release of a SPARC compatible Ubuntu thanks to the OpenSPARC initiative. Canonical offers 24x7 support for the servers both in French and English languages.