Dubai ATM hit by major card fraud

Customers of six banks in Dubai, who had the misfortune to use an ATM in Umm Suqueim in Dubai, which officials said appeared to have been tampered with, have had their cards changed by the banks concerned.

According to a report in Gulf News late last week, the banks replaced the cards of around 1,100 customers who used the cash machine between May 16th and 24th, when the problem was discovered.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the ATM slot had been tampered with, but the banks claim that no money has gone missing.

Despite this, and perhaps because of a spate of Lebanese Loops scams in the UAE in recent weeks, the banks are taking no chances.

HSBC says it sent out text messages to up to 1,000 of its cardholders advising them to change their PINs urgently. Those that did not respond to the bank request, had their cards replaced.

Citibank, meanwhile, says that 109 of its cardholders were affected, whilst the National Bank of Abu Dhabi said it had replaced cards of around 80 of its customers.

If only the UK banks were so pro-active in fraud matters...