MPAA hires hackers to assist

I was amused to hear that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is alleged to have hired a hacker to gain access to data from a firm that is said to have broken copyright on films.

I was even more amused to hear that the assertion stems from a lawsuit filed last week by Valence Media, the parent company to, which alleges that the hacker was asked to retrieve information from the service.

The lawsuit comes around three months after the MPAA filed its own legal action against Torrentspy and a number of other Bittorrent directories for allegedly making it easier for pirates to distribute movies over the Internet.

Hey! - pay attention at the back - there will be a test later... Ed

What's interesting about this latest lawsuit is that, if proven, it puts the MPAA in a very bad light. Mind you, the MPAA's own actions in the past haven't exactly done itself any favours...