VOIP scams start to surface

I was intrigued to read over on eWeek about the latest scam to hit the VOIP (that's Internet telephony to you and me -Ed) - VOIP service reselling.

I've come across cellular and PABX call resale fraud before, but not VOIP call fraud.

According to eWeek, two men, one from Miami and the other from Washington state, are accused of hacking into the networks a number of companies and effectively hijacking their VOIP bandwidth for resale.

Investigators say that, as well being worried about commercial fraud involving VOIP services, they are also concerned that viruses and malware could be delivered across a VOIP interface.

I've just written a major opus on IP security issues for Euromedia, the monthly communications magazine and I have to report that, whilst the telcos and ISPs are switched on when it comes to security, few corporates seem to understand the issues involved.

I can hardly blame them, of course, as I'm having difficulty getting my brain cell around them myself!

Have a great weekend everyone...