Business Software Alliance lost clue(do) on how to tackle piracy

This one piece of news went under the radar in early May 2006. The Business Software Alliance has launched an online Cluedo to highlight pitfalls of pirated software.

Produced in association with Hasbro, who own the Cluedo license, software Cluedo is an online version of the real MC Coy and allows employees to play detective to uncover software pirates.

While I can understand that BSA's work is to reduce piracy to the strict minimum, I don't understand how playing Cluedo in the office is going to help this. You do win prizes, albeit in software applications only, but how many managing directors would wish that their employees play that game rather than work?

The promotion ends on the 30th of June 2006 so you might want to pop in to have a look. However, I would have been more impressed if they promoted their free auditing tools a little bit more or even better, helped to design better free Software Asset Management software.