Convince your boss to use The PS3 as your next super computer

We've written about the PS3 processor before also known as Cell.

In a recent article (Is the Cell Processor Poised for HPC Stardom), the author explores in detail the architecture of the PS3.

While it is mostly technical, it still manages to offer some mouth-watering tips.

When using scientific benchmark codes, the Cell processor is 7 times faster than either the AMD Opteron or the Intel Itanium and consumes 15 times less power than the former and 21 times less than the Itanium processor.

Intel's latest product, the newer ULV Xeon processors based on the Conroe core has not been tested since it has not been released yet.

Still, that makes Cell and the Playstation 3, the ideal candidate for a very high performance server/high power computer. You can try to convince your boss using this argument to buy a few of them as crunch machines.

What makes the Cell even more interesting is that it is likely to achieve the status of 'commodity' meaning that economies of scale will be achieved on this product.

Playstation 2 computational clusters already exist, based on cheap $100 PS2 and you can bet that the PS3 will be more popular.