OLPC to be renamed as AIPC?

There are a few pictures of a working OLPC on a ZDNet's blog. One of the photos shows Nicholas Negroponte discussing with the presenter holding the laptop with one hand.

The bad news is that it is going to cost more than the $100 originally targeted. The reworked target is now $130, still a bargain in my views.

The good news is that it is ready, unlike so many other products that were meant to change the world but never did.

With two yellow 'ears' and what seems to be two speakers, I would not be surprised if the OLPC is renamed AIPC, in memory of the Sony's AIBO dog.

I was fairly impressed by the design, the pivoting screen (which is not even available on high end laptops), the two USB sports on each side and the slimness of the keyboard.

Its striking features and its sheer looks will guarantee that it will get a cult following a few days after being launched.