Scamming reaches new lows

I haven't opened a scammed letter for quite sometimes and I was intrigued when I received an email from Barclays Bank PLC, which happens to be my bank.

A guy called Gary Adams presenting himself as a senior credit officer of the bank trying to siphoning money out of the bank.

Where it gets more interesting is that they are actually looking to take the money out of the account of someone called Morris Thompson, an American who lost his life in a plane crash which really happened.

They go to the length of actually providing me with a URL which points to a website - not a fake, where one can read that Morris Thomspon was the CEO of Doyon Ltd which is the largest private landowner in the US.

Mr Thompson and his family perished in the crash leaving possibly behind quite a few dollars.

Now this begs for a few remarks; it seems that 419ers or the 'Nigerian' scammers have reached new lows. They seems to have researched someone's name who is actually dead, without any living close relatives and sat on a rather interesting fortune.

They also pointed me to a credible source of information, used the name of someone who actually lives in UK (there are quite a few Gary Adams as you can guess) and most importantly, they managed to get my bank right by a spooky coincidence.

My personal guess is that they are going to fish a few more people this time around.