What is the best server? The answer is never clear

I seldom say no to an old friend looking for a helping hand. So when my ex-boss asked me for a few words of wisdom on how to buy servers, I accepted.

It was not an easy task and I found myself in front of a consultant that wanted him to buy six £6000 servers for 40 computers.

Buying a server is never as simple as buying a workstation, let alone buying six of them for such a price.

I was puzzled when the consultant explained to me that the investment was necessary to maintain 24x7 uptime with maximum performance etc.

Returning to the servers, since none of the jobs were time critical or life-threatening, I proposed to get four cheap workstations with RAID hard disks and beef up their memory. Use two and save two if there were any problem, all for the price of a single super expensive server.

Buying the flashiest and most powerful system around is not the best way to make a customer happy, especially when it comes at such a price.