Say hello to the Extreme Cred Card

Most pre-paid debit cards tend to cost a lot, but the Extreme Group has launched a Maestro (Switch) card that costs £8.95 to buy and - apparently - nuffink to use.

The card, which is parented to the Newcastle Building Society for Maestro code purposes, costs at least 70p to load up with dosh, or three per cent of the top-up, up to a maximum of £3,500.

Even so, the card looks to be one of the best buys on the pre-paid market, even though it costs a quid to withdraw cash at an ATM and imposes the usual 2.0 per cent international commissions.

Sign-up to the Extreme Cred card is easy-peasy and you can top up the card at any Paypoint outlet. No charges appear to be levied against using the card, which is Chip and PIN-enabled, to buy stuff.

This makes it suitable for use on the Internet if you're at all worried about security.

Even better, Extreme says it is going to donate a percentage of profits to charities of the card holder's choice....