Sports sites are back on the security map says ISS

IT security vendor ISS says that, over the past 12 months, the number of sports-related Web pages has increased by over 17 per cent world wide.

Research undertaken by ISS, as part of its Web content filtering service, has found that in addition to the World Cup, other major sporting events such as the Tour de France are also crucial factors in what makes site operators constantly expand their offerings of sports sites.

From the research, ISS says it has been able to establish the top five countries worldwide hosting the highest number of sporting sites. These include:

USA 52.0 per cent

Brazil 8.9 per cent

Germany 8.9 per cent

UK 6.3 per cent

Canada 3.3 per cent

Others: 20.3 per cent

Even though there are a lot of legit sites around, ISS is warning email and Net users to beware visiting unknown sites associated with sports, especially with the excitement surrounding the current World Cup, as they may be phishing and malware portals....