Will your next video card sit besides your processor?

During a recent conference (The Technology Analyst Day), AMD has announced that it is going to crank up the performance button by releasing a dual socket format which in effect will offer a quad core performance, ramping up to eight cores possibly next year.

If that was not all, the new platform 4x4, will be available for Christmas and will allow gamers to handle to four GPUs (Graphic processing units).

Such firepower is so obscene that no games even in 2007 will need that much silicon to run smoothly.

AMD has also announced that it is going to collaborate even more with the rest of the industry to introduce technologies based on the HyperTransport protocol.

AMD wants other companies to develop components that can plug directly into sockets, essentially playing the role of coprocessors, as we saw in this blog.

AMD's recent interest in ATI might also give us a hint on what's next: the possibility to have a plug-in GPU on your motherboard that uses onboard memory to mimic how console system work.